Earhart School PTA President's Corner


Dear Amelia Earhart Families,

On behalf of the Amelia Earhart Elementary Parent Teacher Association, we are delighted to welcome new and returning families to a school year filled with great promise for our students. As a California Distinguished School, the commitment of our families, teachers, and staff to provide an enriched education for our students is unmatched, and with your help, we are prepared to meet new challenges this year.

Thanks to the generosity of our dedicated members, the PTA funds many programs that benefit all of our students. Below are just a few of the vital programs that PTA funds
Science & Technology Labs to enhance our Innovative Program
Art, Dramatic Art, and Music programs
Enrichment Field Studies / Field Trips
Media Center books and supplies
Book Clubs for Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grades
Reading Support, Enrichment & Intervention
Family Engagement Events and Activities

Providing this level of support requires donations of both time and money from our PTA members. For the past twelve years, we have eliminated sales-based fundraising and instead have asked for a direct donation from all of our families. The response from the Earhart Community has been overwhelmingly positive. For the upcoming school year, we are asking a monetary donation of $150 per child, plus a $15 per adult PTA membership fee. In addition, we are asking for a $50 per child Innovative Program donation to upgrade our scientific and technological capabilities. This is a total of $215 for a one parent/one student family and $430 for a two parent/two child family. The PTA expects to spend approximately $275 per student this year on programs and assistance to support all aspects of our students’ education. Special to this year, as a response to the uncertainty of AUSD’s continued funding of our Innovative Program, we are additionally asking for a one time donation of $50 per family towards the Innovative Program Sustainability Fund that will help to ensure the longevity of our Science, Technology, Engineering and Math with the Integration of Music Program for our children for years to come.

Our PTA understands that not all families are able to make such a financial donation. If you are able to donate at this level, then please do so. If you cannot, then please give what you can when you can – we gladly accept split donations throughout the school year. Regardless, please join PTA at the basic membership cost of $15 per adult. We have also included an option this year to “Sponsor a Student.” For those families that are able, please consider making an additional PTA donation on behalf of those students that might not be able to give financially.. Every dollar raised serves every student of our community!

Financial support is only one of the ways to participate in the PTA. There are many opportunities available to help enrich the experience of each student at Amelia Earhart. Every family can decide what works best for them: joining a PTA committee, volunteering in the classroom, chaperoning field trips, contributing to our staff appreciation events, leading our Walking School Bus, participating in Campus Cleanup days. Please check our PTA website for more information about the many ways to volunteer! You can also learn more about getting involved and ways to contribute your time and talents at our monthly PTA meetings or by speaking directly to your child’s Teacher.

We look forward to seeing each of you at our monthly PTA meetings. We have included the meeting schedule for the upcoming school year, where we will discuss and vote on important issues affecting our school. The more that our members contribute [be it donations of money or time- either in the classroom or at home], the more benefits we are able to offer our students. Please be an active part of the education equation!


Tiffany McBride, PTA President 2018–2019
Stacy Reid, PTA Executive Vice President 2018-2019

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School Safety Plans & Procedures

We would like to encourage you to empower yourselves & your children to stay safe by following school procedures, including:

Always sign in at the office when you visit your child's school & wear a visitor sticker or badge. Please stay with your children when you pick them up after school or from an after-school program.
Remind children to go to public bathrooms in pairs or trios.
Remind your children never to go with a stranger or to follow directions from someone they don't know for any reasons.
Also remind your children that if they feel threathened, they should shout for help, run away, or get help from an adult they know & trust.
Above all, reassure your children that we develop safety procedures to keep them from harm & that the very best way to stay safe is to follow those procedures.

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