Traffic Solutions

PTA has coordinated with Mrs. Dean, City Traffic Engineer and City Police to coordinate an effort to assist in alleviating the traffic at Earhart

PTA is working and several alternatives including:

Parent Ambassador Program to assist with drop-off
Additional signage re parking rules
Modifications to the parking lot lanes
Potential change in crosswalk location
Communication and outreach to parents, outside programs and AUSD re use of the lot

PowerPoint Presentations

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Details on Traffic Solutions

Traffic Congestion

Existing Conditions:

645 students getting picked up and dropped off at the same time
Many modes of transportation including vehicles, bikes, pedestrian, strollers, etc.
Handicap drop zone in parking lot
White zone in school parking lot
White zone on Packet Landing
One way in and one way out of Packet Landing
Two crossing guards at main intersection, paid for by City of Alameda Police Department
Signalized Intersection at Packet Landing and Robert Davey Jr.

Traffic Impacts:

Congestion during drop-off and pick-up
School lot white zone and Packet Landing white zone being utilized for parents to sometimes park and walk child in or wait while child walks in
District vehicles parking in school white zone during peak times
Afterschool programs parking in Packet Landing white zone during peak times
Afterschool programs parking in kindergarten white zone during peak times
Parents parking in staff parking spaces

Join the Earhart Bike Train!

Meeting Time: 8:00am | Meeting Point: Corner of Mecartney and Island Drive

What is it?
Safe Routes to Schools defines it best. “Bike trains are groups of parents and kids who ride together from the same neighborhood along a designated route…. Adults share the responsibility of getting the kids to school safely, which saves time for all of them, and the kids get exercise that helps them focus in school.”

Why should you join the Earhart Bike train?
Meet your neighbors
Build community
Reduce traffic
Help the environment

Why should you join the Earhart Bike train?
Parents and children will meet at 8:00AM SHARP at the corner of Mecartney and Island Drive.
Two or three parents (depending on how large the train becomes) will ride to school with all the children.
It’s that simple!

If you’re interested in joining the bike train, please contact Lisa Bryant to show your interest.

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🚶 International Walk & Roll to School Day 2018

Wednesday, October 10, 2018 | Amelia Earhart Elementary

International Walk and Roll to School Day is Wednesday, October 10, 2018. Please join us in celebrating this important day at Earhart School by walking, biking or scootering to school! After walking or rolling to campus, please find the table set up by the bike racks to share how you arrived at school. We will be collecting data on a huge chart, so the students can see the healthy choices made!

Thanks for your participation!

Lisa Bryant,
Walk and Roll Chair