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Besides helping you better understand the big picture of how the education system works and to feel empowered to help your child succeed, you’ll also get to meet and connect with parents who share common values to yours in this program.


School Smarts Parent Engagement Pilot Program

The School Smarts academy is being offered in partnership with AUSD and the California State PTA and is designed to help you as parents learn very tangible ways in which you can help your children and school succeed. Through this seven-week program you will gain a better understanding of the real issues:

Parent Involvement

Your role as your child’s first teacher
How to create a home environment that helps your child succeed
Components of being “ready to learn”

Preparing for a Lifetime of Learning

How your child learns
How academic standards affect your child and why it’s important to know what she/he is learning at each grade level
Basics of college readiness

Understanding Our Education System

Structure of the California public school system
No Child Left Behind/ESEA; Family rights and responsibilities
How legislation and funding policies work

Understanding Our School

How your school is governed and decisions made
Roles and responsibilities of the school board, superintendent, administration, teachers, staff and families
Family involvement plans; school committees

Becoming an Effective Communicator

Eliminating communications barriers
How to deliver a powerful message

Standing Up for a Quality Education

Definition of a quality, equitable education
How to make change at our school and beyond

Taking Action

Creating personal and group action plans
Graduation celebration!

Join Us!

Let us take care of your parenting questions!
The materials are translated into multiple languages and interpretation will be offered.
Childcare and a light breakfast or dinner will be provided. There is no cost to attend.

Testimonials from School Smarts Graduates

“It was seven weeks well-spent with fellow parents who share a common concern on improving our children’s learning, on possibly improving the education system with our ideas, and especially on improving ourselves as parents with our teacher hats on.”

“As my son started Kindergarten, I was nervous about what the school year would bring. I wanted to support him as he made his transition, but our family was new to the school, I didn’t know many of the other parents and I felt a little overwhelmed. When I heard about the School Smarts Parent Academy, I wasn’t sure what to expect but decided to attend because, if anything, it would help me understand how our school functioned and how to be an advocate for my son throughout his school experience. I got all of that and much more, too.

“Our facilitator was masterful at intertwining the Academy’s excellent educational material with thoughtful discussion and creative activities that really brought the learning home. She created an extremely supportive environment where all parents felt comfortable.

By participating in the Academy, my son saw how much I value him and his educational experience, and I got the chance to demonstrate that learning is valuable at any age. He was always excited on “School Smarts” days because he knew I would be at his school learning, too! Throughout the Academy’s seven weeks,
I also became part of a caring and fun community of parents who shared valuable knowledge and experience – and who will continue to do so together into the future! School Smarts Parent Academy gave me the opportunity to grow as a parent, to learn how to actively participate in my son’s education and to be a part of an engaged and supportive community – I will always be thankful!”

Highlights from the Pre & Post Academy Surveys completed by parents


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