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More Earhart News

Week of March 30

Mar 30 - Apr 3: No School - Spring Break
Apr 6 - May 1: Remote learning opportunities

Earhart Website AUSD Website

Community Spirit!

Crazy Hat Day and Check-in-INspiration!

Hello Earhart Families!!

Our wonderful Media Center teacher, Ms. Tangeman, created two Flipgrid videos and would like to share with everyone and have the students post to.

Only people with the domains ausdg.us or alamedaunified.org can view and post on these grids, therefore it really is for the students. Most students and families, first grade and up know their logins. Please Check them out!

The first one is for CRAZY HAT DAY which is this Friday, March 27th! The second one is a general check in! It would be awesome and amazing, if all the students recorded a crazy hat video!!! We can't wait to see you fanciest, wackiest, craziest looks!

Don't for get to visit our library website!!

CRAZY HAT DAY General check in Earhart Library


Due to recent events and the closure of schools, the Yearbook Committee needs YOUR HELP! If you have any pictures of your kids from the school year or from this time of social distancing and official Shelter In Place, we would love to have them to help finish our yearbook! Yearbook deadlines are still in place and we are currently working on ways to ensure delivery in these confusing times.

You can upload them directly to different categories from the Picaboo website. There is a pulldown menu when you actually start uploading that can be used to specify a class, grade collage, or things like music, PE, ,Spellathon, and we even have a Coronavirus page where you can share pictures of your kids and what their doing during the Shelter in Place.

Please go to: https://earhartyearbook.picaboo.com/ At the bottom of the page is a camera icon. Next to the camera icon is a link that will take you to the upload page. DEADLINE TO UPLOAD PHOTOS IS MARCH 31, 2020.

Thank you for your support! We hope everyone is keeping safe at home, washing those hands and staying well!!

If you have any questions you can contact Deb Deveno at yearbook@earhartpta.org

Upload Now! Contact Chair

📙 Yearbook Pre-Orders

Pre-orders for yearbooks are going on now. If you would like to order your yearbook, please click on the button below.

Please note that yearbooks must be ordered by April 24, 2020 for school delivery.

Price: Softcover - $25, Hardcover - $35 Plus Tax , eYearbook - No Charge

Earhart Yearbook Pre-Order!


1) Outside Cover: Jaide Sen Su, 4th Grade [Ms. Cheung]
2) Inside Cover: Madeline Coffey, 2nd Grade [Ms. Bliss]
3) Back Cover: Sophia McManus, 4th Grade [Ms. Nakhuda Bassa]

Runner Ups:
Kindergarten: Aryanna Fagar [Ms. G. Brown]
First Grade: Emma Ngo [Ms. Struble]
Second Grade: Nathan Yuen [Ms. Phillips]
Third Grade: Helen Sze [Ms. Ong]
Fourth Grade: Maddy Yoon [Ms. Cheung]
Fifth Grade: Genevieve Yuen [Mr. Gross]

Congratulations! Thanks to all the great artists that participated in this year's Yearbook Art Contest! We had so many great applicants, it was difficult to choose!

🎨 “Art Across the Island” project

now through March 31st | Bay Farm Island Library

In its 4th year, Alameda Education Foundation’s (AEF) Art Across the Island has showcased over 3500 works of art and literature at the 3 city libraries, COA’s library, Rhythmix Cultural Works and a dozen local businesses.

During the spring of 2019, abstract collage by Nancy Lopez-Schreiber’s TK students could be seen at the Bay Farm Island Library. Now, in 2020, Earhart has returned to the neighborhood public library with line drawings by Rachel Ong’s 3rd graders. These winter bears can be seen through the end of March. Flyer

🐝 2020 Spellathon

A Very Merry UN Spellathon - EARLY BIRD DELAYED!

Earlier today Alice caught The Queen of Hearts throwing our Early Bird pledge envelopes all over the school! Thank goodness Alice is on our side and has begun to reorganize them.

Due to the chaos from The Queen we find it only fair to extend the Early Bird Deadline to a date to be determined in the near future. So, Earhart students please be diligent in your quest for pledges as you now have more time to collect! For those of you that have already turned in your pledge envelopes, they are being kept in a safe place and we thank you for your hard work!

Jumbler Audio

February 25th, 2020

Dates to remember:
Monday, February 24th - Morning Ceremony Kickoff
Friday, March 6th - Spelling Test
Friday, March 13th - Early Bird DELAYED!

donate online The link for family and friends to donate

I am looking for volunteers to help me make this year fun for the kids and successful for the school. This is the most fun volunteering you will have all year!

Like to have fun? Maybe you would like to know more about being a Fundraising Vice Chair. I am looking for someone who wants to learn the ropes of organizing our annual fundraiser, Spellathon. If this sounds like something you may be interested I would love to hear from you!

Tamyra Gonzalez| VP of Fundraising

click me to volunteer

Different Ways to Volunteer
Collecting Donations: This is very important! We rely on donations from our community for our finale drawing for our students
Counting Money: There are multiple times when we collect envelopes and count the money that the students turn in.
Hands On: Creative? Like to act? There are lots of opportunities for help create fun decorations for around the school, to be a part of our skits (both on and off "stage"), and help with ideas to drive students interest.

I hope you and your child enjoy this years Spellathon just as much as I will!

Contact Chair

Community Information

Any informational flyers, summer camps can be found on our school and PTA community websites. For more information on a program or camp, click on the buttons.

Earhart website PTA Community website


Earhart School was named a California Distinguished School for 2020 by State Superintendent Tony Thurmond! Thank you for being the support that helps us continue to strive to Soar to Excellence.

✨ 2019 - 2020 Innovative Night I

Thursday, November 14th | 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Thanks to everyone for preparing, performing, setting up, and attending our Innovative Night!
Please login to our Science Lab website to view Innovative Night photos. [For login & password, please see your MT home page].

2019 Innovative Night I Photos 2019 Innovative Night I Performances Videos

Performance Videos & Event Photos

Missed the class performances and other school events?

No worries! You can find the videos and photos on our Earhart Science Lab and Earhart PTA websites. Forgot the login & password? Please login to your MT account's home page for the login information.

Our special thank you to our amazing team - Archie Tingle, Owen Flynn, Chanel Chan & Fion Lip for recording, editing, and posting the videos & photos!

Events Galleries Performances Videos Science Lab Website - Event Photos

We are Ocean Guardians at Earhart Elementary!

The health of our oceans is vital to the health of all living things on Earth. As the temperature rises, sea levels rise along with it. This makes the ocean environment more acidic, which disrupts the delicate balance of life on earth. Even more alarming, we now know that human-made pollutants such as plastics are contaminating our oceans. Plastics unfortunately do not disappear, but rather break down into minuscule particles. Sea animals ingest these particles, thus putting all life on the planet in serious turmoil.

As Ocean Guardians, we here at Earhart aim to do everything we can to interrupt this cycle as a community. Our first goal is to create awareness of our consumption of single-use plastics at school. Those single use plastics are a noticeable cause of much of the plastic contaminating our oceans. We hope to become as waste-free as possible. That means avoiding our reliance on single-use plastics in our lunches and snacks. We will work together in the classrooms, at home, and in the community to be as proactive as possible to help protect our oceans from the dangers of plastics. As Ocean Guardians, saving the planet starts with all of us. Go Green Earhart

Guidelines for bringing in food and drinks 帶食物回學校的進餐和飲用指南 More ideas

🚶 Parking / Traffic

The school year is in full swing, so it’s about time for a friendly traffic/parking reminder.

There is no parking inside the drop-off circle, unless you are escorting a student in our Special Day Class or with a handicapped placard, or after 8:30 am if you are escorting a TK student.
DO NOT ENTER THE STAFF PARKING LOT unless you are using the accessible parking spaces and have a placard. You are not allowed to use the staff lanes as secondary loading zone! Our school staff needs access to this lane in order to be on time for our students.
The White Curb on Packet Landing is for active unloading of children. You must stay with your car. 2 minute maximum stay at the curb. Turning on your flashers and parking is NOT allowed.
Do not park at the Red Painted Curbs on either side of the street or block the Fire Lanes for the neighboring communities.
If you need to escort your child into school, PARK LEGALLY
If you are waiting for another person after they have escorted a student into campus, you must park legally off campus. Do not wait for them either in the circle or on the Packet Landing White Curb.

Please let all caregivers know these rules. Thank you to everyone for understanding, cooperating and making our morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up routine run as safely and smoothly as possible!

Questions or Comments

Ocean Guardians: Go Green

Our mission is to protect the delicate balance of our ecosystem. By reducing the amount of waste that goes into our landfills or that blows into the oceans.
As students and family, we can make an effort to do our part as ocean guardians.

Tech Crew: Chanel Chan

An Ocean Guardian School makes a commitment to the protection and conservation of its local watersheds, the world's ocean, and special ocean areas, like national marine sanctuaries.

Go Green School

Check out on how to help Earhart School to become a GREEN school

Wear Red for Ed!

As the school year begins, the Alameda Education Association (teacher’s union) is back at the bargaining table with AUSD fighting for a competitive wage. As a symbol of their dedication and lasting stamina to demand a fair wage, teachers plan to WEAR RED every Wednesday. After school, they will gather by our Amelia Earhart statue to take a photo that will be sent to school board members and district administrators. PLEASE JOIN US in supporting our wonderful Earhart teachers and all teachers across the island who will make the same stand on their school campus. Just a reminder that our teachers receive the lowest pay in all of Alameda County. Simply put most can not afford to live here and work here which means we lose many, bright, dedicated, inspiring teachers to other nearby districts. If you are on campus after school on Wednesday, please join us in the photo and help us show that our wonderful Earhart staff is supported by parents and students.

Earhart PTA Membership Drive

Contribute to the Donation Drive and Join PTA!

Dear Earhart Families,

Our annual membership drive is in full swing and we are so impressed by the generosity of our Earhart families! By donating to the Annual Donation Drive and becoming a PTA member, you directly affect and benefit your child's school experience. PTA helps to bring much more than just the "basics" to our high-quality education at Earhart Elementary School. Remember, if we reach our fundraising and membership goal, we will have a school wide PIZZA PARTY!!! Also, every class that has 100% PTA membership will receive a special surprise!

Membership Toolkit MT Sign Up

Using our online system, Membership Toolkit, you will also be registered in and gain access to our online directory! This is a useful tool for our community, but it is easy to opt-out during registration if you prefer. If you have any questions or comments, please contact: Earhart PTA Membership .

Janice Ryan
VP of Membership

Join the Earhart Bike Train!

Meeting Time: 8:00am SHARP | Meeting Point: Corner of Mecartney and Island Drive

What is it?
Safe Routes to Schools defines it best. “Bike trains are groups of parents and kids who ride together from the same neighborhood along a designated route…. Adults share the responsibility of getting the kids to school safely, which saves time for all of them, and the kids get exercise that helps them focus in school.”

Why should you join the Earhart Bike train?
Meet your neighbors
Build community
Reduce traffic
Help the environment

Why should you join the Earhart Bike train?
Parents and children will meet at 8:00AM SHARP at the corner of Mecartney and Island Drive.
Two or three parents (depending on how large the train becomes) will ride to school with all the children.
It’s that simple!

If you’re interested in joining the bike train, please contact Lisa Bryant to show your interest.

More Info I'm Interested!

A/V Support Needed

Did you know that Earhart volunteers record every student performance on campus?

Our dedicated A/V team uses professional equipment to record each performance, then edits and posts those videos to the secure Science Lab website. This means as parents, we can simply sit back and enjoy the moment!
Each grade has multiple classes and performances and this is a BIG job that shouldn't fall on one or two sets of shoulders. We are asking for volunteers from each grade to signup to run the equipment in order to share the load.
If this is something you may be interested in, please reach out to our A/V Support Chair, Archie Tingle, for more information.

I'm Interested!

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Conversations Build Connection

When children feel connected to their parents, they are more likely to feel well and be cooperative. Check out our Earhart websites to find topics that can help you connect to your child. To protect our students, we have set login and password to access the Science Lab website and PTA past & current event galleries/archives. Please login to your MT account's home page to obtain the login & password information.

School Website Science Lab Website PTA Website

Would like to see pictures of our fabulous Earhart Dance, Art & Music Show, & other past events?

Please check out...

Events Galleries