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More Earhart News

Incoming Kindergarten Students and Families

Saturdays, June 15 & August 17, 2019 | 11am | Leydecker Park

Dear Families of Incoming Kindergarten Students,

If you would like to meet other incoming Amelia Earhart Kindergarten students, please join them on Saturday, June 15 at 11:00 a.m. or on Saturday, August 17 at 11:00 a.m. at Leydecker Park. If you have any questions, you may email Tiffany McBride at president@earhartpta.org.
We look forward to meeting you and your child. Please feel free to share this information to all your friends and neighbors who are also enrolled in Kindergarten at Earhart School.

Joy Dean | Principal

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Performance Videos & Event Photos

Missed the class performances and other school events?

No worries! You can find the videos and photos on our Earhart Science Lab and Earhart PTA websites. Forgot the login & password? Please login to your MSA account's home page for the login information.

Our special thank you to our amazing team - Archie Tingle, Owen Flynn, Chanel Chan & Fion Lip for recording, editing, and posting the videos & photos!

Events Galleries Performances Videos Science Lab Website - Event Photos

Community Information

Any informational flyers, summer camps can be found on our school and PTA community websites. For more information on a program or camp, click on the buttons.

Earhart website PTA Community website

Welcome Back to Earhart School Evening

August 12, 2019 | M/U Room | 5pm - 7pm

Prior ot the first day of school, you are invited to join us at Earhart for our Welcome Back to School event on August 12 from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. At this time you will receive teacher and general school information. You will also make an appointment to meet individually with the teacher and your child. Before this event you must go to Earhart's website to update information and read documentation. You will receive an email in late July/early August with instructions on Back to School Registration.


Any parent/guardian with an email address should have an account with the Aeries Portal. When you log into the portal, you can view attendance, grades, report cards, send an email to a teacher, and view state test scores. (Please note that state test scores will be posted later this school year. Also, paper copies will no longer be mailed home.)

In past years, you received either a letter or an email from the District Office with a code asking you to update your student's "registration" information. This year, you will not be receiving any emails or letters from the District Office. In late July/early August, we will notify you by Earhart Express and a letter from the principal when the portal is open to update your students information. Student Services will be creating an account creation email for all new students (Kinder, TK, etc.) and they will provide a hand out explaining the process when you register your student.

To access the Aeries Family Portal, press the button below.

Aeries Family Portal

📙 Yearbook Ordering

Yearbooks for sale! All yearbooks ordered now will be shipped directly to your home with shipping and handling charges applied. Any yearbook orders that were placed by the April 26th deadline will be handed out on Friday, May 31st in time for the autograph party held that afternoon in the kinder yard.

Price: Softcover - $21, Hardcover - $31 Plus Tax , eYearbook - No Charge

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🚶 New Traffic Plan

By now, most of you have probably seen our new system for alleviating traffic conjestion during Dropoff and Pickup. After consulting with traffic experts and the City Engineer, we have piloted a system that will make dropoff safer for our students and faster for our caregivers. For the most part, this has been as HUGE success and the feedback received has been overwhemingly positive! By turning RIGHT out of the circle driveway, and making the U-turn at the end of Packet Landing, cars are not stuck inside the circle waiting for other drivers to make an ILLEGAL left turn across the double yellow lane divider along Packet Landing Road. You are saving time by not waiting 30-45 seconds per car and therefore leaving the curbs at the circle free and clear to let students out safely! Please, do not move the cones! Hopefully we can work out the kinks without having to implement the next step recommended to us, which would be requiring parent volunteers from every class to direct traffic each morning. In the mean time, please remember the basic rules of the road:

There is no parking inside the drop-off circle, unless you are escorting a student in our Special Day Class or with a handicapped placard, or after 8:30 am if you are escorting a TK student.
The White Curb on Packet Landing is for active unloading of children. You must stay with your car. 2 minute maximum stay at the curb.
Do not park at the Red Painted Curbs on either side of the street or block the Fire Lanes for the neighboring communities.
If you need to escort your child into school, PARK LEGALLY
If you are waiting for another person after they have escorted a student into campus, you must park legally off campus. Do not wait for them either in the circle or on the Packet Landing White Curb.

Please let all caregivers know these rules. Thank you to everyone for understanding, cooperating and making our morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up routine run as safely and smoothly as possible!

Questions or Comments

California School Dashboard

Fall 2018 Dashboard is ready!

Dear Earhart Families,

The State Board of Education (SBE) and the California Department of Education (CDE) have released the Fall 2018 "California School Dashboard," a website that features easy-to-read reports on multiple measures of district and school success, including test scores, graduation rates, absenteeism, and suspension rates.

Please be sure to check out the scores and note that we are the only school in this district to score in the blue in all categories. We should all be so proud of this rating. THANK YOU to Mrs Dean for the excellent leadership and to all the teachers and staff for their hardwork and dedication.

Alameda Unified Dashboard Earhart Dashboard

Wear Red for Ed!

As the school year begins, the Alameda Education Association (teacher’s union) is back at the bargaining table with AUSD fighting for a competitive wage. As a symbol of their dedication and lasting stamina to demand a fair wage, teachers plan to WEAR RED every Friday. PLEASE JOIN US in supporting our wonderful Earhart teachers and all teachers across the island who will make the same stand on their school campus. Just a reminder that our teachers receive the lowest pay in all of Alameda County. Simply put most can not afford to live here and work here which means we lose many, bright, dedicated, inspiring teachers to other nearby districts. If you are on campus after school on Friday, please join us in the photo and help us show that our wonderful Earhart staff is supported by parents and students.

You may also want to donate to the Go Fund Me page set up to purchase every teacher in Alameda a red anchor shirt.

Kate Schnoebelen
5th Grade Parent

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Join PTA Today!

The community at Earhart is truly a unique place. The programs that the PTA is able to offer to our students and our school would not be possible without the support that we receive from the families at Earhart. Please join us and let's see how else we can benefit the lives of the kids and staff at our amazing school. Let's get to 100% and show the world what a special place Earhart is!

Jaimie Orfanos
VP of Membership

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Join the Earhart Bike Train!

Meeting Time: 8:00am SHARP | Meeting Point: Corner of Mecartney and Island Drive

What is it?
Safe Routes to Schools defines it best. “Bike trains are groups of parents and kids who ride together from the same neighborhood along a designated route…. Adults share the responsibility of getting the kids to school safely, which saves time for all of them, and the kids get exercise that helps them focus in school.”

Why should you join the Earhart Bike train?
Meet your neighbors
Build community
Reduce traffic
Help the environment

Why should you join the Earhart Bike train?
Parents and children will meet at 8:00AM SHARP at the corner of Mecartney and Island Drive.
Two or three parents (depending on how large the train becomes) will ride to school with all the children.
It’s that simple!

If you’re interested in joining the bike train, please contact Lisa Bryant to show your interest.

More Info I'm Interested!

A/V Support Needed

Did you know that Earhart volunteers record every student performance on campus?

Our dedicated A/V team uses professional equipment to record each performance, then edits and posts those videos to the secure Science Lab website. This means as parents, we can simply sit back and enjoy the moment!
Each grade has multiple classes and performances and this is a BIG job that shouldn't fall on one or two sets of shoulders. We are asking for volunteers from each grade to signup to run the equipment in order to share the load.
If this is something you may be interested in, please reach out to our A/V Support Chair, Archie Tingle, for more information.

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It is FREE money that is EASY to earn!

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Conversations Build Connection

When children feel connected to their parents, they are more likely to feel well and be cooperative. Check out our Earhart websites to find topics that can help you connect to your child. To protect our students, we have set login and password to access the Science Lab website and PTA past & current event galleries/archives. Please login to your MSA account's home page to obtain the login & password information.

School Website Science Lab Website PTA Website

Would like to see pictures of our fabulous Earhart Dance, Art & Music Show, & other past events?

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