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We are guided by the PTA’s …

Mission:  “The overall purpose of PTA is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging & empowering families & communities to advocate for all children.”

Values:  Collaboration, Commitment, Accountability, Respect, Inclusivity, & Integrity

Member Perks Mean Exclusive Value

As a member of the California State PTA members, here are extra perks of membership available exclusively to PTA members like you!
Perks like discounted tickets, such as California Academy of Sciences [sales code: CAPTA], Legoland [$52 for adult/child], Enterprise Car Rental, and so much more!

Earhart PTA Funds …

  • Our PTA funds numerous programs that benefit all of our children! Our PTA funds provided enrichment & field studies, art, music, outdoor improvement, evening social activities, Multi-Cultural Night, teacher services and support, & more …
  • Earhart School Art Docent Program runs by parent volunteers, & art lessons for each classroom are provided. Anyone interested in being an art docent can sign up with their child’s teacher. Art supplies are provided by Earhart PTA! It is a rewarding experience for a life time! It is amazing to see how students express themselves through art! Enjoy the journey with them as their creativity and imagination go wild!
  • Do you feel parenting can be an isolated task? Do you wish you could help your child in more meaningful ways? Please check out our School Smarts Program.
  • Go Green! It is important to encourage our students to be environmentally conscious. Together we can implement Earhart School to become the official “Green School” in California! With a little help from our teachers & us, our kids will carry the GREEN values into their adulthood, & improve the world we are living in for a better future. Our PTA funds annual “Green Festival” in celebration of Earth Day.

Meet the Executive Board:

Jennifer Perez | President

Preferred Name: Jen


Student(s) grade level(s): Remote Learning Program K and 2nd

What you like best about being on PTA: Working with other parents on the collective goal of making our children’s elementary education the best possible experience! Also, I know this is two things, but I do very much enjoy meeting new people/making new friends and the PTA has been the perfect place for that.

Some activities you enjoy doing with your family: cooking, eating a wide variety of foods from around the world, our Friday night movie and pizza nights, reading, watching cooking/baking competition shows, watching Amazing Race together, doing puzzles, taking walks along the shoreline, and impromptu Broadway musical singing and dancing (I do not claim to be good at either singing or dancing, but it’s something we enjoy!).

Your dream job: Private Investigator

Anything else you’d like to add? Join us at the PTA! We’re a fun and diverse group of parents with a common goal! And sometimes we’re funny – stay for the jokes, ha!

Tiffany McBride | Executive Vice President

Preferred Name: Tiffany


Student grade levels: 5, 3, 1, TK

Favorite ice cream: Fenton’s Toasted Almond with Carmel sauce

Favorite team: Oakland A’s

Favorite Disney Movie: Coco

Dream Job: Contractor

Janice Ryan | VP Membership

Preferred Name: Janice Ryan


Position: VP of Membership

Students Grade Levels: I have a an Earhart 5th grader and a Lincoln 7th grader

What do you like best about being on PTA: We moved here when my older child was in 2nd grade and I sought out PTA because my friends in Philadelphia were all involved in school, so I hoped to meet similar people!  It’s definitely helped me meet people and be more outgoing! I like that PTA meetings and activities keep me well informed about what’s going on at school.  It also helps show my kids that we as a family value education (pta involvement is statistically correlated to better school performance, by the way) and volunteering to help our community.

Activities you enjoy doing with your family: With my family, I like to read, play board games, and watch TV – we try to always have one family show that we only watch together.  I like it when my kids want to cook with me and I look forward to being able to travel again and explore new places in the future.

My favorite ice cream flavor: currently is Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Half Baked.  It reminds me of the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough flavor I loved as a teen that doesn’t exist anymore.  But I also like anything really, really chocolatey.

Sarah Bauermeister | Historian

Preferred Name: Sara


Student(s) grade level(s): 3rd & 7th

What you like best about being on PTA: staying connected to and contributing to the Earhart community

Some activities you enjoy doing with your family: reading, walking, and playing games

Favorite Sports Team: Argentina’s National Team

Elizabeth Doidge | Recording Secretary

Preferred Name: Liz


Student(s) grade level(s): Kinder and 1st Grade

What you like best about being on PTA: Being an active part of my child’s school

Some activities you enjoy doing with your family: Going to the Theater, Burning off Kid’s Energy, and Going for Drives

Favorite ice cream flavor: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Matt Hettich | Treasurer

Preferred Name: Matt


Student(s) grade level(s) : 3rd grader & 5th grader

What you like best about being on PTA: the sense of community as we collectively work to provide every child with the resources needed to be successful in the classroom.

Some activities you enjoy doing with your family: swimming at our community pool, watching movies, and traveling.

Your dream job: professional golfer

Jennifer Russo | Parliamentarian

Preferred Name: Jen


Student grade levels: 1st grade and Pre-K

What do you like best about being on PTA: Being able to actively support Earhart, feeling more connected to our school community

Some activities we enjoy: Eating out, exploring kid-friendly breweries, traveling (especially to Hawaii), watching Guy’s Grocery Games–it’s one of our 1st Graders faves!

Dream Job: Florist

OPEN | Auditor

This could be you! Contact if you’re interested in expanding your role in the PTA!

OPEN | Financial Secretary

This could be you! Contact if you’re interested in expanding your role in the PTA!

Airplane Contest: Leslie & Matt Hettich

Art Docent: Jen Huff 

AV Support Editor: Chanel Chan

AV Support: Archie Tingle 

Book Fair: Jennifer Perez 

Communications: Jennifer Russo

Community Coffee: Jennifer Perez

Disaster Preparedness: Danielle Nguyen & Jordan Norberg

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Elizabeth Tran Wong

Evening Programs: OPEN

Fundraising – Spellathon: Tamyra Gonzalez & Jennifer Russo

Fundraising – Partnerships: Stephanie San Juan 

Go Green: Andie Cultrera & Christine Downie

Math Kangaroo: Ram Mummidi

Picture Day: OPEN

Publicity: Doris Kwok

Staff Appreciation: Leslie Hettich & Nicole Sterling

Traffic – Parent Ambassador: OPEN

Walk & Roll: Lisa Bryant

Webmaster: Soni Obinger

Wish/Favorites List: OPEN

Yearbook: Deb Deveno