How to Volunteer

Volunteers are the driving force of PTA.

Thank you for your interest!

Volunteer Checklist

Earhart encourages families and community members to volunteer. There are many ways to volunteer both on campus and at home. The link above will take you to all PTA managed volunteer opportunities. You can also ask your child’s teacher if they need any help with at home prep work or in class support, volunteer for lunch duty, or chaperone field trips.

Whether you volunteer through PTA or the school directly, all on-campus volunteers must first complete the following tasks.

  • Yearly: Fill out the AUSD Annual Volunteer Form (PDF) and submit it to Erica Verduzco.
  • One time only: Complete your LiveScan fingerprinting. Your LiveScan results are valid for the entire time your student(s) is at AUSD. LiveScan can be done on your own at various businesses in Alameda, or you can attend the annual fingerprinting drives on campus organized by PTA. If the fees are cost-prohibitive to you, please contact PTA for assistance.
  • One time only: provide a copy of your ID to Erica Verduzco.


Volunteers with frequent or prolonged contact (repeat volunteers, i.e. Science, Art Docent, regular lunch volunteers) also need to:

Please keep copies of everything you submit.

Volunteer Guidelines

  • Before volunteering, verify with the office to ensure that all documentation has been cleared by the district. This process may take 2 – 3 weeks.
  • Volunteers must always sign into the office and wear volunteer identification at all times.
  • Volunteers must use the staff restrooms in the main building.
  • Volunteers are asked to be patient if their teachers need more time before they are ready for docent programs.
  • If you have been cleared with LiveScan through another organization (Little League, Girl Scouts, etc.) you DO need also to be cleared through AUSD as there is no shared database for results.

These important requirements are not only state law but are in place to protect all of our children, as well as to protect you, the volunteer. Thank you for complying and for giving your time and talents to Earhart!