AUSD Board of Education/District Updates

You can find out about the next School Board meeting and see the agenda at the link below, we encourage you to attend and have your voices heard!

AUSD School Board Meeting Information

Remote Learning Program Updates:

There were 3 Town Hall meetings with families in the TK-12 Remote Learning Program and district/school board officials this past week. The goal of these meetings was to have families express their concerns and issues with the Remote Learning Program and to have those issues brought to and presented to the wider community at the next Alameda Board of Education meeting on October 27.

After hearing many heartbreaking stories of the families who are struggling in this program, it will be good to hear an update on how we collaboratively move forward to make this program a success for our students.

Flexible Learning Program Updates:

Proposed Re-Opening Plan and Survey

All families should have received an email from Superintendent Pasquale Scuderi on October 21.  Please see the email for links to a video, a summary of the plan, the 50 page plan itself, and a survey for families to take.

Here are some important upcoming dates:

  • October 27: Presentation to the Board of Education on the Re-Opening Plan (This presentation will include options for dates for the initial and phased re-opening of elementary schools.)
  • November 10: Update to the Board of Education on the Re-Opening Plan (This update could include a final approval on a date for initiating a phased re-opening of our elementary schools.)
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