Join a Virtual Cooking Club!

If your child has a culinary aptitude and wants to expand their palate, learn how to help them develop their joy of cooking with a virtual cooking class! With Sprouts Cooking Club, children of all ages get a hands-on experience with professional chefs!

In addition to their virtual classes, Sprouts offers a summer camp at their Bay Area location in Berkeley. Sprouts Chef-Led Outdoor Camps are an intensive, culinary experience chock-full of outdoor cooking classes, guest chefs, cook-offs, blindfolded palate play…and so much more! Camps take place in Berkeley, CA at Sprouts’ organic, outdoor garden kitchen replete with a state-of-the-art pizza oven, grill-top, and burners. Throughout the day, campers will work with local chefs and Sprouts’ culinary counselors to learn a variety of cooking techniques. After a jam-packed week of pasta and cheese making, garden-fresh cooking, and pastry, your kiddo will be ready to make wholesome meals for the entire family to enjoy!

In 2006, Sprouts was launched in the Bay Area with the mission to teach children from all socioeconomic, physical and mental health backgrounds the importance of healthy, nutritional foods through hands-on cooking with REAL chefs with REAL ingredients in REAL restaurants. In 2009, it was formally converted into an official 501c3, thanks to the encouragement of Alice Waters, a member of Sprouts’ advisory board. Since then, Sprouts has expanded to inspire and empower youth in New York City and Paris.

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