Looking Ahead

Next year we get to look forward to a fresh start knowing that volunteers will continue to be welcomed on campus and events will proceed in full. Now is a valuable time to take inventory of PTA’s strengths and opportunities and set the incoming board up for success. Your input is greatly needed and incredibly valued!

1. We would like everyone to complete this simple questionnaire about your general involvement with PTA. There are no required questions, and most of them are answer selections. Your responses will help form next year’s goals and areas of focus. The questionnaire will close on Friday, May 19th, so thank you in advance for your help!

2. We have a number of different websites, and managing all of them is a lot of work. We want to effectively focus our efforts, so understanding what people actually use is integral. If you would like to participate in a 1-hour discussion (likely on Zoom, to be scheduled after volunteers are identified) to share your thoughts, please sign up here.

Thank you in advance for taking a few moments to help the board start off next year laser focused!

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