Math Kangaroo 2021 Has a New Look!

This year we are unable to open our school for in the classroom registration but we still would like our students to compete. Please register for a virtual center offered by Math Kangaroo. The deadline to enter is December 15; the competition will start on or after March 18, 2021.

If you are new to Math Kangaroo, please click here take a look at some information about this wonderful international competition in mathematics.

1. Click here to start the registration process.
2. Log in with your login and password or establish your user account if you are new.
3. Select “Register to Virtual Center.”
4. Select “California Virtual Center.”
5. Math Kangaroo will email you the information about the exact competition timeline in the first week of March. It will be on or after March 18, 2021 and a few days will be assigned for each age group.

Once your child is registered, you can enjoy free Math Kangaroo video solutions and access MK full questions and solutions sets with 50% off. Instructions on how to find the discount code here.

Important: After you receive the registration confirmation email from Math Kangaroo, review the email to make sure all information is accurate. If something needs correction, update the registration or send them email.

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