Message from the President

With our days winding down, I am wholeheartedly grateful to so many people who jumped into action this year, but especially to the 22/23 PTA Executive Board: Gemma Barajas, Sara Bauermeister, Jason Klechka, Tiffany McBride, Erin Reichert, Stephanie San Juan, Monica Fischer, Soni Obinger, and Christopher Marsh. Thank you for your leadership and support during a year that began with uncertainty but is ending with a buzz of optimism.

At last Tuesday’s final PTA meeting of the year, the board officers for the 23/24 school year were elected into office:

  • President – Jen Russo
  • Executive Vice President – Gemma Barajas
  • Treasurer – Jason Klechka
  • Recording Secretary – Jess Haggerty
  • Vice President, Membership – Jaimie Orfanos
  • Historian – Monica Fisher
  • Financial Secretary – Soni Obinger

I’m excited to work with them and appreciate their volunteer time and effort to support our PTA’s mission.

I have so many more people to thank, but for now, I will end with this thank you note and photo below from the 3rd-grade classes, which goes out to ALL of our PTA members–board members and general! Simply by joining PTA this year, you have contributed to our successes. Thank you!



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