A note from our PTA President to ALL families on campus re-opening…

As our Flex families look forward to campus re-opening on March 15th, I urge ALL families to model kindness in our community (you can read the AUSD press release about re-opening by clicking here). Some families are very excited to return to campus, but many are fearful, and a few have decided that in the end, they will not be sending their children back to campus this school year – all of this is okay! We also need to be mindful of our Remote families who chose to stay home all year out of necessity and may have renewed feelings of sadness and exclusion as they watch their friends and neighbors return to campus without them. All families have made decisions based on what was best for them and while this pandemic has opened our eyes to our differences, I know one of the values we all want to instill in our children is that of kindness.

None of us, not one of us, has ever been through a pandemic like this. And when campus re-opens, there may be obstacles or setbacks as everyone navigates their way through all the various new procedures. Many of our teachers, school administrators, and district leaders, won’t always have the right answers. It will be frustrating, but they are human, just like us. And they are trying (so very hard!) and I can promise that ALL of our children’s best interest is at the heart of every decision made.

Therefore, I urge you to remember: a little kindness goes a long way.


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