Earhart Read-a-Thon 2023: Reading is a Journey


Pack your bags–we’re going on an adventure! Earhart’s inaugural Read-a-Thon begins on Monday, March 13!


Our school will be reading and raising money for the PTA’s support of our Innovative Program, teacher & classroom supplies, music & art enrichment, field trips, and community-building events. Our fundraising goal is $80,000, and our reading goal is 400,000 minutes! If each student raises $135, we will easily hit our goal, and we know many will raise much more than that! 


We’re excited to use Pledgestar as our fundraising and reading-tracking tool. It’s a super easy website to use:

    1. Register your family.
    2. Add your students.
    3. Add contacts for the website to email on your behalf, and remember to add yourself to be sent a link to your family’s fundraising page for you to share personally.

That’s it! All donations received at your webpage will be split evenly among the students in your family, which makes it really convenient for your supporters to donate. We encourage you to set up your website now, even though reading will not be tracked until Monday, March 13th. Tracking reading minutes is super easy, too–all you need to enter is the date and the number of minutes your student has read. Paper forms will be provided if you prefer to use them, though online is highly encouraged so that all qualified students are included in prize drawings.


By the end of this week, each student will receive a packet that will include much more information and can also be used to collect any cash or check donations you receive. These envelopes are due back to their teachers by April 5th, whether money is collected or not. For your reference, here are the forms that will be included in the packet.

2023 Readathon Family Letter

2023 Readathon Pledgestar Info

2023 Readathon Important Dates & Contests

2023 Readathon Pledge Form

2023 Readathon Reading Log


With your support, we can continue to enrich the learning experience for all Earhart students and foster the community that makes us a California Distinguished School. If you have any questions about this event, email readathon@earhartpta.org. And be sure you are registered at earhartpta.membershiptoolkit.com to receive all event updates!

Thank you!

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