Read-A-Thon Update 3.13

Read-A-Thon Dashboard, 3/13,1:20 pm

Students Registered: 113

Minutes Read:166

Dollars Raised: $10,285 (!!)


Holy cow, wow what an amazing start to our Read-A-Thon!! 

This week’s goal is to get 50% of our students registered for their Pledgestar site. And any students with their website set up by Thursday, 3/16, will have their names entered into the prize drawing. Two winners per grade will be announced at Friday’s morning ceremony and/or via email.


Setting up your website is suuuuper easy! 

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Not Registered For This Year’s Event.” Enter your name and email address, then click “Submit.” 
  3. Follow the instructions on-screen to register Reader(s).

For families with more than one Earhart student, you only need to set up ONE website! Donation requests will be sent on behalf of all your students, and any donations received will be evenly split among them. However, when you log reading minutes, you will need to log each student’s time separately.

After you set up your student(s), you can enter the names of your friends and family for whom you would like to send donation requests. Pledgestar will then email a personal request to your family and friends and allows them to make secure credit card donations online. You get notified each time a pledge is made, and you can track your pledge progress online. 


Give it a personal touch!

You can add a photo of your students and personalize the email request if desired. If you would like a link to post to social media, you can enter your name and email in the contact list to receive an email and fundraising link. When you post that link to your favorite social media site, consider including a video of your student talking about the event. They can talk about their favorite book, why they love science so much, or even just what they love about Earhart. 


Cash or check donations?

Any donors who receive your email can opt to make a check donation and will be instructed to mail the check to the school, but if your student receives it instead, that’s ok! Just collect any checks or cash donations in your pledge envelope and return them to school at the end of the event. Alternatively, if your student receives a check or cash donation without someone visiting the website, that’s ok too! Just be sure to collect and return it using the pledge envelope, so we know who to credit it towards.


Ensure you are registered at, so you don’t miss any important event updates!

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