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Remote/Distance Learning Town Hall

Tuesday, April 6th at 6:30 PM

Please join your fellow Remote/Distance Learning families from across the district for an evening to share your experience of remote/distance learning thus far; and voice your thoughts, concerns, and needs for the current year and Fall. We will provide a safe space for everyone to share and express themselves. We will also collectively gather everyone’s feedback in hopes to present to AUSD and the Board of Education as a community. Here are some questions to ponder on for the meeting:
– What worked/didn’t work about the program?
– What were your reasons for choosing the remote program/Flex B/Flex-Distance?
– Have your needs/reasons changed since opting for this program in the summer?
– What are your needs for the Fall?  What requests do you wish to make to AUSD?  What would you like them to be aware of?
– What do you need/want to see happen in order for you to go back in person?
– Are you considering other options outside the District for the Fall?
Meeting ID: 896 3055 7519
Passcode: 981005
** This event is hosted by parents, not AUSD **
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