Volunteers Needed: Provide Meals to Unhoused Neighbors

The non-profit organization, Building Futures, will be hosting 6 unhoused Alameda neighbors at the Extended Stay on Bay Farm starting November 29th for 3-4 months. Volunteer groups are needed to provide bagged brunches & snacks every day for the guests. 6 brunches will be needed daily starting next Wednesday morning December 1st. Kelly Scott, kellyjoscott73@gmail.com, is the coordinator and contact for this volunteer project.

WHERE: Extended Stay, 1260 S. Loop Road, Alameda
WHEN: delivered to rooms at 9:00 am every morning (7 days/week)
WHAT: 6 bagged brunches (suggestions in a future email)
If you are interested in providing meals, please email Kelly with the following information:
  • how many days/month your group can volunteer (ie weekly, every other week);
  • preferred days (ie Monday & Thursdays available, not available Fridays, etc);
  • can you prep and deliver, or only prep or only deliver;
  • best contact name, phone number, email address for you/your group
Like in years past, the Alameda Food Bank often shares food items with us so volunteers will be informed of what’s available and arrange porch delivery or pick-up. If you/your group needs other items such as bags, to-go containers, etc, those can be can provided as well.
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