The Yearbook Committee would like to thank all of the artists that submitted their work to be considered for our yearbook cover! There were so many great submissions it was very hard to choose. You are all so creative!

Art Contest Winners and Recipients of Free Hardcover Yearbook:

Front Cover: Madeline C. (5th, Mr. Taylor)

Back Cover: Neriah L. (3rd, Mrs. Morgan)

Inside Cover: Erin P. (5th, Mr. Gross)

Honorary Mention Runner Ups:

SDC: Massimo P. (Ms. Miller)

Kindergarten: Delia M. (Ms. McCracken)

1st: Sophie P. (Ms. Wells)

2nd: Vera W. (Ms. Bliss)

3rd: Gianna B. (Ms. Suzuki)

4th: Jonathan M. (Ms. Cheung)

5th: Keanu D. (Mr. Frock)

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